Permanent Laser Hair Removal Liverpool

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The World’s Most Advanced and Versatile Laser and CPL Light Platform

The XlasePlus Diode Laser applicator has been specially designed in response to the growing demand for permanent laser hair removal in all body areas. It offers the ability to treat large areas fast, and is perfect for use in our laser hair removal treatments at Allure MediSpa. In just a few short sessions at our Liverpool City Centre location, you can see great results, with permanent removal of unwanted hair that only requires a couple of touch ups over time.


Permanent Laser Hair Removal

In addition to being extremely efficient, Diode laser hair removal is one of the most comfortable procedures for permanent removal of unwanted hair. Slight discomfort can occur as the state of the art laser handpiece passes over the treatment areas, but our laser hair removal services do not require a topical anaesthetic for this procedure.

We can treat all skin types in our Liverpool hair removal services, as the Diode applicator is considered the “gold standard” of hair removal lasers. Not only can it create permanent results for all skin types, it is also the laser that requires the fewest number of treatments, averaging at 3 – 5 hair removal sessions. There is also need to cross over the same are repeatedly, as with some other laser hair removal procedures, which makes treatment time much shorter.


How Does The Diode Laser Hair Removal System Work?

The Diode system emits near-infrared laser light that is absorbed by the melanin located in the hair follicle. Despite the laser pulses only lasting a fraction of a second, the duration of the pulse is enough to damage the follicle without harming the surrounding tissue, and provide precise, effective hair removal results.

How Does Xlase Plus Hair Removal Compare With Other Laser Hair Removal Methods?

Shaving, waxing, and depilatory creams are all temporary hair removal methods, that must be repeated frequently in order to maintain results. Not only does the Xlase Diode laser offer permanent hair removal, it also successfully reduces the risk of ingrown hairs, which can also be a factor of other hair removal methods.

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Our laser Diode treatment is virtually pain free. Depending on the laser wavelength, some have described the feeling of laser hair removal as like having an elastic band pinged against the skin. All hair removal treatments are dependent on individual skin sensitivity, but the benefits of long-term hair removal outweigh a little discomfort for many of our happy clients!


Are The Results Permanent?

Our Diode laser hair removal treatments in Liverpool proven to work on hair removal and permanent hair reduction on all skin types. To achieve a satisfactory level of clearance, 3-5 treatments are typically required, for noticeable and long-lasting results.

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