Hifu Non Surgical Face Lift

Looking for A Non-Surgical Facelift in Liverpool? We Provide The Most Advanced In The Industry!

EASYFLOW® On The Skin – Breakthrough Technology

Renova has been clinically tested and proven to safely tighten facial skin from the inside out, reducing superficial and deep wrinkles and repairing collagen and elastin Fibres. Find out more today in our Liverpool skin clinic.

EASYFLOW® breakthrough technology helps to reverse the effects of gravity and ageing. The skin is lifted, looks remarkably younger, and has a noticeably healthy colour and glow.

Treatment Indications
  • Facial skin laxity
  • Facial wrinkles
  • Open pores, uneven skin
  • Blurred jawline
  • Double chin
  • Hyperidrosis
  • Hair loss


Wake Up Your Natural Beauty With A New, Breakthrough Non-Surgical Face Lift


Allure MediSpa conveniently located in Liverpool City Centre, are so excited to announce we have launched the new Hifu Renova. The most advanced and consistent Non Surgical Facelift in the industry. Clinically proven and tested to safely tighten and lift the face by delivering central focused ultra sound we’re it is needed.

Non Surgical Face Lift Liverpool

Double the Anti-ageing results than older Hifu machines guaranteed! 3rd Generation Hifu with built in cooler so very comfortable treatment, no more intense painful shots. Instant results that improve over the weeks, once new collagen is formed, knocking years of your age.

Have you been thinking about having a non-surgical face lift? but still have some reservations around the procedure, results, does it hurt? Perhaps you’ve been having cosmetic inject-able for years but looking for a more premium service in a relaxed and comfortable environment? Then come to our Liverpool Skin Clinic.

Perhaps you have already had a HIFU Liverpool treatment and saw little difference? We have had many clients complaining of having Hifu and it has not worked, please, do not compare our advanced technology, to what you have experienced!

A lot of high end clinics are still purchasing cheaper versions of Hifu technology – that are made in the far-east and produce little results. People fall into the trap of having these treatments because they stick a big brand label on the front of the machine so please do not be fooled, if the treatment is cheap, do not expect great results! Be careful and choose the best.

Genuine before & after pictures from Allure MediSpa

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The high intensity ultrasound will include: Eye contour lift – Turkey neck solution – Tighten loose jowls – Contour double chin – Nasolabial fold – Eyebrow lift – Full non-surgical facelift with Jowl lift.

Also HIFU FAT REDUCTION on abs, bingo wings, tops of thighs. HIFU penetrates the layers of fat, which is very useful in the abdominal area, 2 cm of fat is reduced after each treatment, a course of 3 is recommended in our Liverpool Skin Clinic.

Book your consultation and patch test with us now in our Liverpool City Centre clinic – Call us now on 0151 707 2308!

Disclaimer: Results may differ from patient to patient and there is possibility that the results of collagen building on the inside of the skin are not that visible on the outside. Results might not be immediate and the best results are achieved up to 6 weeks to 3 months after treatment. Sometimes patients may need extra treatment for the best results. Whilst HIFU is an alternative to an invasive, surgical face-lift, HIFU will not produce the same results as such a surgical procedure would.

Allure Medispa & Laser clinic are excited to launch our New Elite Fat reduction and body slimming machine.LEARN MORE 😍