Laser Fungal Treatment

At Allure MediSpa, our popular Laser Fungal Nail Treatment uses a laser to shoot shots of energy into the your nail and nail bed which removes the spores of the fungus and prevents reinfection of your nail.


What Is Fungal Nail Infection?

This is medically known as Onychomycosis, and is an infection is caused by small organisms which become alive in warm and damp places. This acts similarly to stubbing your toe, cutting your nails too short or having an ingrown toe nail allows the spores to infect the bed. There are a number of different symptoms to an infection – such as: thick or brittle nails, malformed nail shape, dull nail surface or a brown, yellow or white discolouration.

Laster Fungal Treatment


How Does Your Laser Fungal Nail Treatment Work?

If you opt against leaving the infection or just simply visiting a chemist – you must be considering a professional laser fungal treatment…

Our specialist Laser will fire shots of Energy into the infected nail, nail bed and surrounding tissue causing strong heat to kill the spores of fungus that breads and causes the increase of fungal infections. We would say this treatment is comfortable and painless, although some warmth can be felt as the treatment commences. The treatment lasts only 15 minutes per hand or foot.

If you would like to learn more about this specialist treatment, then please call us on 0151 707 2308 or fill in our contact form!

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